Pre-Rolls by Mavericks Flowers

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Mavericks Flowers is a Canadian cannabis company based in British Columbia supplying top quality cannabis pre-rolls. All of their flowers are grown locally without the use of pesticides or any harmful chemicals. Their pre-rolls are made from premium quality buds and never contain any shake or fillers.

Available Strains:

Purple Kush Breath (Indica-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 21%)
Hidden Pastries (Hybrid) (THC: 20%)
Black Cherry (Indica) (THC: 18%)
Skunk (Indica-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 19%)
Ayahuasca Purple (Indica-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 21%)
LA Kookies (Hybrid) (THC: 24%)
Super Lemon Haze (Sativa-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 25%)
UBC Chemo (Indica) (THC: 26%)
Green Crack (Sativa-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 25%)
Tora Bora (Indica) (THC: 22%)
Violator Kush (Indica-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 23%)
Lemon OG (Hybrid) (THC: 22%)
Zombie Kush (Indica-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 21%)
White Dawg (Hyrbid) (THC: 20%)
Wedding Cake (Indica-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 27%)
Sugar Cane (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid) (THC: 20%)
Bubba Kush (Indica-Dominant Hybrid) (THC: 25%)
OG Kush (Sativa-Dominant Hyrbid) (THC: 26%)
Miracle Alien Cookies 1 (50/50 Hyrbid) (THC: 23%)
Relentless Cookies (Indica) (THC: 23%)
Dolato (Indica-Dominant Hybrid) (THC: 26%)
Durban Poison (Sativa) (THC: 24%)

Each pre-roll contains between 0.5 and 0.6 grams.
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Pre-Rolls by Mavericks Flowers
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If you purchase this product you will earn 0-3 Point!