Bob Vape Starter Kit

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This is a starter kit! Comes with 1 cartridge and a battery + charger.

Bob is a new entry into vape pen market. One thing that Bob knows is no one likes unnecessary additives, and they have made sure that are completely PG, VG, PEG and MCT oil free. Each cartridge contains top-notch distillates and terpenes, with 600mg of distillate. Cartridge fits any 510 threaded vape kit.

About the flavors:

Blu Berri Hybrid distillate: This is Bob’s take on Blueberry, which is traditionally an Indica. Expect a calming experience that will slow down, but not completely end your day.

Blue Dream Hybrid distillate: A modern classic, Blue Dream has permeated popular culture through rap songs and cannabis terminology. It is a staple strain in the world of weed, and you’ll often find many people who don’t smoke know of it. It is a great choice if you’re looking to relax and medicate pain, depression, and nausea.

Bob’s Widow Hybrid distillate: This is Bob’s take on White Widow, which is a potent Hybrid that will leave you bursting with energy and creativity.

Pin Diesel Hybrid distillate: This is Bob’s take on Pineapple Diesel, a favourite in the cannabis connoisseurs market. You’ll experience a noticeable jump in your mood and energy after a few strong puffs of this. This strain is a cross between the Hybrid Pineapple and the Sativa Sour Diesel strains, and because of this we recommend this for daytime use.

Jill Ahto Hybrid distillate: This is Bob’s take on the classic Gelato Hybrid strain. You’ll be relaxed but productive enough to keep working on what needs to be done after smoking this distillate. Gelato is equally popular in dessert and cannabis form (and we recommend trying them together).

Water Melon Hybrid distillate: This strain will come on slowly, but it’s worth the wait. Smoke this and let the stress of your day melt away as you recline into your favourite chair while turning on a comforting movie.

Bob Vape Starter Kit
If you purchase this product you will earn 5 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 5 Points!