1 Gram BC Vapes (5 Strains)

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BC vapes is B.C’s #1 Cannabis company with the purest distillate processed from the best quality bud grown grown in beautiful British Columbia.

BC Vapes is best known for its variety in flavours in distillate, honey oil and CBD. Alongside with our wide variety of interchangeable cartridges you can mix and match strains giving you more options.

Because apart from having wide variety of over 50 different strains of specific terpenes of sativas, indicas and hybrids we use no fillers and you are getting an overfilled cartridge for the same price!

Our distillate is the highest quality you can find and additional to that we offer the best value per dollar for THC%.

We are always the safest bet!

THC: 98.02%
CBD: 1.04%
Type: Distillate
Additives: None
Size: 1 ml/1 gram
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Durability: High (metal and glass)
Tip: Ceramic
Our blends do not contain any Vitamin E, Acetate, PG, VG, PEG, MCT, Coconut oil, or any other harmful ingredients.
1 Gram BC Vapes
1 Gram BC Vapes (5 Strains)
If you purchase this product you will earn 5 Points!
If you purchase this product you will earn 5 Points!